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THE GREEN BUBBLE – Waste Into Wealth: the New Energy Revolution

by Robert Bell is now AVAILABLE in the United States 

… the first attempt to lay out the scenario of “after oil”, combining considerations of energy, geopolitics, the functioning of business and markets, extending to the mores of American society.                                                           Antoine Reverchon, Le Monde Jan 29, 2007

New York – April 24, 2007: Originally published in Paris in French (January 2007) Robert Bell’s new book THE GREEN BUBBLE—Waste Into Wealth: the New Energy Revolution, gained national attention, and continues to be quoted and featured in France’s major national newspapers, including Le Monde, Liberation, La Croix, and Le Journal du Dimanche.  The book entered France’s political lexicon when the Minister of Finance used Bell’s terminology when warning about  “the green bubble” in renewable energy.  The influential financial review, Valeurs Vertes, reported, “By all evidence, the Minister had read the book of Professor Robert Bell.”

THE GREEN BUBBLE is now available in English.  A road map for the new energy revolution, and an investor’s reference book, THE GREEN BUBBLE explains why huge global, political, and economic changes will occur, what changes will be promoted, and who will promote them; in short, who will gain and who will lose.  According to Bell, over the next five years, renewable energy will produce the first truly global bull market, far bigger than any previous bull market – this time including China, India, Brazil, Europe, as well as North America and Japan.  Just as with the last bull market of the 1990s, it will morph into a giant bubble and, as Bell points out, many of the top promoters of the last bubble are once again claiming, ” it will be different this time.”  Bell argues that the exit from oil will not be gradual, as conventional wisdom claims, but will be a stampede driven by the unreliability of the oil supply, and an increasing global warming crisis.  Insurance companies will bring the global warming crisis home by refusing CO2 related policies and claims.  Plaintiff’s attorneys will accelerate the story by pushing CO2 as the new asbestos.

THE GREEN BUBBLE reveals the pervasive and decisive role of subsidies for all energy, not just for renewables, and especially for oil, coal and nuclear.  It explains why the use of coal or nuclear could not accurately be called “clean” now or in the near future.  Bell exposes the real nature of U.S. stock markets, and shows why and how the U.S. has been left behind in the new energy story, and which countries and companies are already the big winners.

At the end of the day a colossal amount of money—including the life savings of millions of families — will actually have paid for the transformation out of oil and into renewable energy.  The result — the climate will probably be well on the way to being saved, and limitless energy will be in sight.  That is when, Bell explains, energy will have little or no monetary value.  In other words, energy will be “too cheap to meter.”  After the bubble bursts, those who did not get out in time will have lost a material amount of their investment.

THE GREEN BUBBLE explains the new energy revolution and reveals what works and what doesn’t.  It warns investors to watch their portfolios closely — especially those managed by others on their behalf.

About the Author

Robert Bell, Ph.D. (Cybernetics), Professor of Management and Chairman of the Economics Department, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, is the author of seven previous books, including: Beursbedrog (The Stock Market Sting), De Arbeiderspers, Amsterdam, 2003; Les Pêchés capitaux de la haute technologie (The Capital Sins of High Technology), Seuil, Paris, 1998; Impure Science, Wiley, N.Y., 1992. He lives in New York and Paris.

Author Contact: Department of Economics, Brooklyn College